Diana Zitserman ’16, N.D. in Naturopathic Medicine, M.S.Ac. in Acupuncture


My experience at UB has truly been an inspirational journey. Coming to this school after a seven-year career in developmental biology and cancer research has really opened my eyes and heart into better understanding of how nature works and heals from the inside out. As a fourth-year Naturopathic and Acupuncture student, I find great connections and associations when it comes to treating pattern disharmonies or ‘conditions’ ranging from the most common to the most complex of cases. The classroom studies provide a surplus of working knowledge for students to utilize in the clinical setting. Our teachers and clinicians are one-of-a-kind, and not a day goes by where I don’t marvel over all of the new information I gain into better assessment, treatment, and patient care.

The programs here in UB provide wonderful opportunities to get involved in the community, including outreach clinics, Dr. D’Adamo’s Generative Medicine shift and Pathfinder mentorship program, NMSA organization and knowledge bowl tournament, integrative medicine shift among all health sciences programs, student representative positions from top nutraceutical companies, student representative positions in school committees (including philosophy, global affairs, curriculum, research, and social chair), participation in regional legislative efforts, state association conferences, preceptorship experience, scholarships, and much more.

Meghan Gonik, M.S.Ac. in Acupuncture


“Being in Shanghai gave me an appreciation of how much we can learn from immersion in another culture.”

At the University of Bridgeport Acupuncture Institute, I’ve had the opportunity to learn from very knowledgeable teachers with different backgrounds in TCM and from our clinics with their diverse patient populations. This past summer I was honored and delighted to be the first recipient of our study in China scholarship. This trip gave me the opportunity to visit Shanghai and see how TCM is practiced in modern China.

I stayed at a hotel only a few blocks from the Shanghai Traditional Medicine Hospital where I attended Acupuncture shifts. I was also near the metro, so in the evenings and on days off I got to explore the gardens, museum, temples, shopping, and food of Shanghai.

At the hospital, I worked with Dr. Yang, his resident, and interns from China and other countries. I got to see treatments for a variety of conditions, which I can now incorporate in to my strategies with patients here. I also had the opportunity to practice needle moxa, cupping, and free needling with direction from Dr. Yang. Being in Shanghai gave me an understanding of the language challenges facing international students and an appreciation of how much we can learn from immersion in another culture. Everyone at the hospital was very kind and generous.

I would like to thank the Acupuncture Institute for selecting me and having taught me so well, and I’d like to thank Dr. Yang, his resident, and interns for their kindness and help.