Cura Zhuang

Chief Reporter

United Nations Internship

As a GLDP student I had great internship experiences in the United States. I did my first internship at the United Nations Youth Assembly, which draws together 700 college-age young people from all over the world to discuss global issues. It was really a fabulous experience.

I was in charge of the media services at the Assembly and I took pride in being part of this experience. Working at the UN Headquarters in New York City, I was able to witness how that institution affects our lives.

 Global Business Experience

The other experience I had in the US was at Innovation Management Advisors, whose founder is Mr. Mark Wilterding, a member of the College of Public and International Affairs. Advisory Board and former Vice President of IBM Business Services East Asia. I touched on global business issues and studied many real cases during my internship to establish an international consultant network.  I cannot express how exciting it was when I had the chance to participate in a real world business campaign.

Success After Graduation

Since my graduation, I am working as the chief reporter for the International TV Channel of Shanghai (ICS) at Shanghai Media Group. ICS is one of the only two English-speaking TV channels in Shanghai. When I am reporting on international issues, I always remember my life at UB College of Public and International Affairs. My internship experiences were absolutely a great help in my growth.