Helen Boyke

“UB’s IDEAL program has been very instrumental in my future growth as a professional.”

Major: B.S. in Psychology – IDEAL Program
Class Year: ’09

My Own Dreams of Returning to School

Several years ago while reformulating my life after my marriage ended, and with a newborn as my primary responsibility, I reflected upon a story a friend shared with me about his grandmother when at 75 years old she returned to school to receive her undergraduate degree. I periodically reflected on that story, my own dreams of returning to school, and to ultimately receive my law degree. One day that reflection motivated me to take the steps to return to school.

Flexible and Convenient Schedule

In researching institutions and programs that would best accommodate my needs, UB rose to the top of my list because of its programs flexible structure. The IDEAL program was IDEAL for my lifestyle because it gave me the opportunity to continue supporting my family while I continued my education.

Completing my Degree with Honors

Spring 2006 I began the IDEAL program. That semester I completed 3 courses with a 4.0 GPA and without hesitation took 5 courses per semester until I completed my degree in Fall 2009.

I had a great array of courses. I learned about upstage, downstage, Gauguin and Matisse. I also learned about streamlining processes, and heard about real life experiences of attorneys helping to be rid of ‘bad guys’ from New York City streets.

Through this program I became a member of Phi Kappa Phi, a lifetime member of the National Society of Leadership and Success, and with my degree plan I received an HR Certificate as well as a Criminal Justice Certificate.

I completed all of my courses at UB with a degree in Psychology as a single parent while I worked full-time; and at times as well as working part-time. Occasionally I would squeeze in vacations and took my homework assignments with me.

I closed my UB chapter with a 3.8 GPA. I received offers from NYU and Fordham to further my education in their graduate program but I decided on Pace University where I am presently attending for my LSAT courses, and will continue at Pace Law School.

You Can Do It

My life has been filled with large and small uphill opportunities; in order for me to continue to be a good mother, sister, friend, teammate, and daughter, I came up with 3 non-negotiables…
1. Never, ever allow anyone to control me or my thoughts or make me feel “less than”.
2. Move away from those who brought nothing positive or constructive to my life.
3. Be good to myself.

In retrospect, I would not change this experience for the world because this experience is everlasting. I am extremely thankful for this experience especially for the relationships I have formed with both students and faculty.

UB’s IDEAL program has been very instrumental in my future growth as a professional, and can positively impact anyone’s future as long as they want it and they go for it. Trust in knowing that your efforts will be applauded by your supporters.