Kehinde Odeyale, DC

“I had the opportunity to work closely with professors and some of the best chiropractors in the profession”

Major: Chiropractic
Class Year: ’12

Sitting in my thesis course at the university from which I acquired my BS in kinesiology, I was privy to one of my colleague’s thesis presentation on the concept, benefits, and prospect of chiropractic care. Back then I knew that the chiropractic profession offered me the best opportunity to grow, to have an impact on my health, and to make a difference in my communities’ health-care. My education at UBCC is characterized by this same notion of opportunity.

UBCC has given me an opportunity to grow: small class sizes, low student to professor ratios, and challenging course material fostered an environment where I had the opportunity to work closely with professors and some of the best chiropractors in the profession, in order to progress through the program. I have had the opportunity to attend lectures hosted at the school and outside the school where I was able to engage and pick the minds of the leaders and innovators in the chiropractic and health-care field. In volunteering my time to serve the school in a capacity beyond just my academics I have had the opportunity to interact and network with leaders in the profession, and played an active role in shaping the future of our profession and health-care in the US.

UBCC has given me an opportunity to impact others’ health: having curriculum that promotes evidence based management, and access to medical literature databases via the library resources, I have had the opportunity build my skills in effective searching and clinically appraising health-care care topics as it pertains to patient care and values. I have also had the opportunity to apply research knowledge, patient values and preferences, and clinical knowledge in managing patient’s health care. UB’s health science programs have afforded me an opportunity to deliver health-care in an unique budding integrated health-care system, and an opportunity to hone my skill in networking with other health-care professionals to the benefit of my patients.

UBCC has offered a plethora of opportunities to help shape me into well rounded chiropractor, and a vital health-care professional. However it has been entirely up to me to take advantage of the above opportunities. The quality of my education, and the opportunity of to aspire to my ambitions are the two greatest acquisitions I have earned here at UBCC. Any student who has attended seminars outside of UBCC can attest to the high quality education and forefront knowledge on standard of practice, we receive here at UBCC.