Andrea Malji

“The University of Bridgeport helped me realize my true calling.”

Major: International Political Economy Diplomacy (IPED)
State: Somerset, Kentucky

The University of Bridgeport helped me realize my true calling.

It was Andrea Malji’s dream to one day be a diplomat. After being accepted to schools in the U.S., England, Switzerland, and India, Andrea decided to take her dream to the University of Bridgeport, largely because of its global population of students.

Andrea also felt that the University’s International Political Economy and Diplomacy (IPED) program offered her many more options than she would have found in a typical international relations program elsewhere.

In the end, Andrea’s experience helped her discover a new passion for utilizing diplomacy to help solve human rights abuses, economic injustices, and social challenges. From taking classes at the United Nations, to meeting with ambassadors from all over the world, the international stage became her classroom. After obtaining her Ph.D., she plans to start a non-governmental organization to help females in India overcome discrimination.

Andrea’s experience included classes with unique angles on human rights, such as perspectives on Hiroshima and animal rights. Andrea also took advantage of an unparalleled opportunity to participate in classes at the United Nations, including one on the U.N. and non-governmental organizations.

“The University helped me realize what is important to me. My experience here brought into focus who I really am, how I view the world and, subsequently, what I can do to make it better.”