George Rehkamp

“With any opportunity a great responsibility follows.”

Major: Psychology – IDEAL

With any opportunity a great responsibility follows. The opportunity for me was my acceptance into the IDEAL program, a college program that was perfect for me. As a working adult, trying to find time to balance work and social expectations can be difficult. Once I interviewed and learned about the program I was convinced that this was the right choice for me. My focus was now on obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree which I received in the summer of 2012.

With all the information that I learned through the IDEAL program I was able to directly apply it to my work in the human services field. The professors and academic advisors were more than helpful and I felt that I was truly given every opportunity to succeed in this program. My responsibility was to fulfill this opportunity by graduating and carrying the message that anyone can go back to school and succeed, all they need is the opportunity. The IDEAL program can provide you that opportunity.