Georgeann Stewart

“My desire is to be a part of something bigger than just myself.”

Major: Social Sciences

The University of Bridgeport became the school of my choice because I loved the enthusiasm I witnessed on my visits to the school, as well as the great financial aid package and scholarship I received once accepted.

My greatest experience has been the support system I have received from my professors and college advisor. It is amazing to have guidance about my studies, my internships and where I’d like to be upon graduation. My advisor and professor Beth Skott has guided and push me to the point that I am able to complete my bachelors degree in three years instead of four.

Being at the University, living on campus and watching how students came out of their shells, did charity drives, hosted events and represented issues they felt strongly about has enabled me to step out of my own shell, be open minded and not afraid to experience new and different things.