Jianfeng Lin

“The most valuable thing I learned was how to work as a team.”

Major: MBA

I chose UB because I had heard that it is a fantastic University and my college back in China has a program with UB. I learned a lot from UB. The most valuable thing I learned was how to work as a team. UB gives students a great chance to work together. I learned to get jobs done more efficiently and put trust in other team members.

After I graduated from UB, I tried to find a job, in a very tough job market.

Now, I’m working in a wholesale store locate in Dallas, TX as an online sales manager. Online sales have a large potential, as well as a huge competition. To be successful, I need to find the right thing to sell, so spending time on research is necessary to be a success.

UB gave me the skills to do the research, a deep knowledge of marketing, and great teamwork experience. Now, I have built the company an online storefront and I also have helped build an efficient online sales team to support the store.

Thanks to UB, I am dedicated to keep learning and growing.