Lauren Alston, B.S. in Biology


“With the support of my friends and professors, I went on to achieve more than I ever dreamed.”

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Unsure of what she wanted to do with her life, or where she would even succeed in college, Lauren Alston knew what she needed – a school that offered support and direction. She found both at the University of Bridgeport.

The University had everything Lauren needed to make the most of her college experience and build a successful future. Small student body. Low student-to-faculty ratio. Well-rounded academic offerings. And a world of extracurricular opportunities. She also found people, such a s biology professor Michael Autuori, who offered personal support and encouraged her to reach for more every day.

And she did. Lauren has found countless ways to shine and show the world what she has to offer. She is secretary of the UB chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers. She is co-founder of the Science Kids Adventurers community service organization. And she recently accepted a position as a laboratory technician for Unilever. Lauren now has her sights set on graduate school.

Lauren learned many things at the University of Bridgeport, in and beyond the classroom. On of the most important lessons she learned was that if you surround yourself with people full of drive and determination – people who want you to succeed – you can achieve anything.

“Somewhere along the way I convinced myself that I wasn’t capable of continuing. But with the support of my friends and professors at the University of Bridgeport, I overcame that obstacle and went on to achieve more than I ever dreamed.”