Patrico Larriva, M.A. in Global Development and Peace


“There is a true connection, a bond between students and professors.”

Why did you choose UB’s Global Development and Peace Program?
I chose this program because of my career objectives to one-day work for either the government or a NGO. I knew it would prepare me well for my future to help solve real world issues.

What do you enjoy most about the program?
I truly enjoy the cultural diversity and the respect that I see between students of varied backgrounds. There is a true connection, a bond between students and professors.

What have you learned from your classroom experiences?
I have experienced so much personal growth at many different levels thanks to the experiences that I have had in the classroom.

Do you have plans following graduation?
I see myself working for the government back in my home country of Ecuador, or perhaps working for an international organization.

Fun Facts

Home country: Ecuador

Education before UB
BA, Economics with minor in Business Management Administration, Southern Connecticut State University, Connecticut

Internship experience
Princess Sumaya University, Amman, Jordan

Current employment
University of Bridgeport, Graduate Assistant

Awards and/or major achievements
Pontificia Universidad Católica, Member of School Board, Ecuador
Model UN, Member of Delegation from University of Bridgeport, New York

Spanish, English