Tasha Kitchen-Williams, IDEAL Program


“At some point we have to take a stand and make a start.”

My First Class

My first class in the IDEAL program, First Year Seminar 102, was very rewarding.  Lecturer Ms. Tecun was very supportive and served as a role model. Dedication, patience, and good study habits served me well.

Take a Stand and Make a Start

Other peoples’ life stories showed me why we have to continue our education.  Often, we think we do not have the money or time to go to college. Often, we find out that others have it much harder and are going to college. At some point we have to take a stand and make a start.  What better place than the University of Bridgeport IDEAL program!

Balancing Work, Family, and Education

The flexible course schedule accommodates working people such as myself who have two full time careers and a family.  All of the courses have a small lecturer to student ratio and great opportunities for group interaction.  In addition, the lessons are well-organized and executed.

Supporting Success

My advisor, Ms. Katharina Zambon, and all the IDEAL academic advisors are caring, interested, devoted individuals who ensure that all of our class requirements are fulfilled in a timely manner.

I’m thankful. The University is bringing me one step closer to my degree dreams.