Michael Asmerom ’17, B.S. in Business Administration


Hometown: Bronx, New York

I love who I have become at the University of Bridgeport. The endless opportunities I sought out and obtained has helped me grow both personally and professionally.

Becoming an R.A. as a freshman was an opportunity of a lifetime. As a Resident Assistant, I learned time management, professionalism, and a responsible work ethic, and discovered how rewarding it was to impact students in a positive way. In my junior year I was elected the Ernest C. Trefz School of Business Senator  and met with Dean Lloyd Gibson to implement changes that my peers wanted to see. I also designed the first Ernest C. Trefz School of Business t-shirts, which I handed out at my town hall meeting. We were all full of school pride when we wore the t-shirt for the first time! My junior year ended with my successful run to be the Vice President of the Student Government Association for 2016-2017. I am excited to do great things with my senators this upcoming school year.

Last year I also started noticing how much food was being wasted at our dining hall and responded by establishing the first Food Recovery Network http://www.foodrecoverynetwork.org/ chapter at the University of Bridgeport. We recovered over 500 pounds of food during Spring ’16 semester, and donated all to the greater Bridgeport community.

I have so many stories like this. I always tell students that college is what you make of it. I have found that many believe it’s up to the University to give us a memorable student experience, but it is really up to us to make the best UB experience for ourselves.

I hope people look at my story and realize “UBecome” who you sought out to be!

Diana Zitserman ’16, N.D. in Naturopathic Medicine, M.S.Ac. in Acupuncture


My experience at UB has truly been an inspirational journey. Coming to this school after a seven-year career in developmental biology and cancer research has really opened my eyes and heart into better understanding of how nature works and heals from the inside out. As a fourth-year Naturopathic and Acupuncture student, I find great connections and associations when it comes to treating pattern disharmonies or ‘conditions’ ranging from the most common to the most complex of cases. The classroom studies provide a surplus of working knowledge for students to utilize in the clinical setting. Our teachers and clinicians are one-of-a-kind, and not a day goes by where I don’t marvel over all of the new information I gain into better assessment, treatment, and patient care.

The programs here in UB provide wonderful opportunities to get involved in the community, including outreach clinics, Dr. D’Adamo’s Generative Medicine shift and Pathfinder mentorship program, NMSA organization and knowledge bowl tournament, integrative medicine shift among all health sciences programs, student representative positions from top nutraceutical companies, student representative positions in school committees (including philosophy, global affairs, curriculum, research, and social chair), participation in regional legislative efforts, state association conferences, preceptorship experience, scholarships, and much more.

Karlie Spader ’16, B.S. in Psychology


The University of Bridgeport has opened my eyes to new opportunities and exposed me to new experiences. I have learned to open and up allow myself to enjoy everything UB has to offer. We are a community of truly great and interesting people from all over the world and we are able to experience their cultures with them. I love UB because I am able to be myself. I can talk to almost anyone on campus without the fear of being judged.

Jose Cabrera ’15, B.A. in English

B.A. in English
School of Arts and Sciences

“The English Department at UB is amazing. Each professor has their specialty and they know how to teach it.”

When I came to UB as a freshman, I had no idea what I wanted to do or who I wanted to be. It was very troubling, especially because I had this urgency in myself to find out the answer to those questions as soon as possible.

The only thing I did know was that I wanted to do something that I loved. Fortunately, I went to UB. During my first semester I spoke to the staff at Career Services who really helped me see what I wanted to do and how I could get there. Also, since it was my first semester and I had not declared a major yet, I was taking various classes.

One class that was pivotal to the path that I decided to take was “Madness in Literature” with Professor Diane Krumrey. I enjoyed the class more than any of my others, and Professor Krumrey was there to help me with whatever was needed. We spoke about the English Major and, after looking up more information with the help of Career Services, I declared it my major. Afterwards, I took a creative writing class and saw that I was interested in that too, so I decided to do a dual concentration in Literature and Creative Writing.

I am very happy with my decisions. I like who I became. I came to UB a shy, nervous kid who didn’t know who I wanted to be, but graduated as a young adult who knew the answers to the questions my freshman self had and more. I was able in my undergraduate career to study in South Korea, take many language classes that I loved, like American Sign Language and Japanese, and get real-world experience by being the Editor of Groundswell, UB’s literary magazine.

The English Department at UB is amazing. Each professor has their specialty and they know how to teach it, so you are as interested in it as they are. I know that without all of them I would not have gotten as far as I did. They were all always there to talk to and help me out, and they helped me get to where I am today.

Rui Chen ’11, B.S. in Business Administration

“When the company was planning to open some show houses for a luxury development, I was appointed as the person responsible for that development.”

I graduated from the University of Bridgeport with my degree in Business Administration in 2011. After graduation, I went back to China to work for a local real estate development company. I was given a lot of opportunities to enable me to work in different parts of real estate development. I worked in the sales department as a sales person, and then I got promoted as the market manager in marketing office of sales department.

Shortly after my promotion, I was given a chance to work in the technical department. First, I worked as an engineer assistant to check the process schedule and the quality of site construction.

When the company was planning to open some show houses for a luxury development, I was appointed as the person responsible for that development. I did a good job using the skills I learned at UB.

I designed other show houses and a company club for the main development of the company. I successfully completed the show houses with a budget 30% lower than the company’s upper limit requirement, while ensuring that quality of the show houses remains good. The show houses helped to close 10 deals for luxury apartments and houses in one month, which is 3 times the speed of regular sales speed.

I applied to NYU, Columbia University, and Florida University for my master’s degree. Professor Neil Jacobs and Professor Matthew Maron wrote me the reference letters. I got a GPA of 3.915 in undergraduate studies and a GMAT score of 730. With 2 years work experience, I got an admission letter from all of the three universities. Finally, I chose Columbia University.

Natalie Saimeri, B.S. in Fashion Merchandising


Struggling between being a fashion student, doing projects and reports every week, to being a full-time athlete was very hard to manage. But doing what you love makes it all happen.

My name is Natalie Saimeri and I was a Fashion Merchandising student here at University of Bridgeport while also on the gymnastics team. We have won 5 consecutive National Championships in the last 5 years. I have contributed to the last 4 National Championships, also being the team captain my senior year at the University. I’ve made some amazing friendships with students and professors here that I will forever be thankful for and will keep in touch always.

Volodymyr Kebalo, M.A. in Global Development and Peace


“The classes are like one big family to me.”

Where are you from?

What is your field of study?
Culture and Conflict Resolution

What do you enjoy most about the program?
I enjoy having the opportunity to communicate with international students. The GLDP classes are like one big family to me.

What has your classroom experience taught you?
My writing skills have greatly improved, thanks to the many research papers, while I have also had the opportunity to enhance my presentation skills.

What do you hope to do after graduation?
I hope to be working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in my home country of Ukraine, and to ultimately pursue a career in politics.

Fun Facts:

Previous education
BA, International Law, Ivan Franko National University of L’viv, Ukraine

Previous work experience
Intromisiya, Legal intern, Ukraine

Current employment
Office System of Connecticut, Court Interpreter, Connecticut

Ukrainian, English, Russian, Croatian, German

Tasha Kitchen-Williams, IDEAL Program


“At some point we have to take a stand and make a start.”

My First Class

My first class in the IDEAL program, First Year Seminar 102, was very rewarding.  Lecturer Ms. Tecun was very supportive and served as a role model. Dedication, patience, and good study habits served me well.

Take a Stand and Make a Start

Other peoples’ life stories showed me why we have to continue our education.  Often, we think we do not have the money or time to go to college. Often, we find out that others have it much harder and are going to college. At some point we have to take a stand and make a start.  What better place than the University of Bridgeport IDEAL program!

Balancing Work, Family, and Education

The flexible course schedule accommodates working people such as myself who have two full time careers and a family.  All of the courses have a small lecturer to student ratio and great opportunities for group interaction.  In addition, the lessons are well-organized and executed.

Supporting Success

My advisor, Ms. Katharina Zambon, and all the IDEAL academic advisors are caring, interested, devoted individuals who ensure that all of our class requirements are fulfilled in a timely manner.

I’m thankful. The University is bringing me one step closer to my degree dreams.

Susan Mendillo, General Studies, Social Science Concentration


“UB has been an amazing experience for me.”

An Amazing Experience

UB IDEAL has been such an amazing experience for me. It allowed me to earn my degree in a short amount of time, while still managing time for my work and daughter. I tell everyone I know how great the IDEAL program at UB is, and how well the program worked for me.

Great People

I have met some of the greatest people at the university. The counselors, professors, staff members, and the students all have been wonderful and inspiring.

Guided Success

The counselors are always looking to guide you towards success. The professors are always there to help the students with their needs. The staff is always pleasant and courteous. The students are friendly and caring.

Pushing the Limits

UB IDEAL made it possible for me to raise my level of education making a better life for me and my family.

UB IDEAL has changed my life by making me more confident at what I can accomplish. It has shown me that I can push the limits and succeed in whatever I wanted to achieve.


What really made me decide to start the IDEAL program at UB was that the accelerated program that was offered. A five week course one day a week was the ideal plan. Knowing that I can get my degree in a year and a half was the “aha” factor for me.

I would highly recommend the IDEAL program to anybody. It truly is a really great curriculum. With proper dedication everyone can get a degree in a short amount of time.

Stella Kim, M.A. in Global Development and Peace

“I feel that the most amazing aspect of the program is the cultural diversity of the student body.”

Why did you chose UB’s Global Development and Peace Program?
I chose UB because I felt that it was offering me precisely what I was looking for in a global development program. I could see that UB was a place where I could learn both inside and outside the classroom from both professors and students. Also, I had the impression that UB was offering me a unique environment where I would be able to contribute my previous experiences and background.

What do you enjoy most about the program?
I feel that the most amazing aspect of the program is the cultural diversity of the student body. There is a never a dull conversation when discussing life experiences and cultural differences with other students. It enhances the academic experience by adding an element of personal growth.

What are your favorite classroom experiences?
Some of the best classroom experiences I had included simulations of real-world situations that allowed students to apply their knowledge in a very concrete way.

Do you have plans for after graduation?
I see myself working in the sphere of global development, either to reduce global poverty or working towards gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Fun Facts

Education before UB
BA, Psychology, University of Chicago, Chicago

Experiences before UB
Tommy Hilfiger Europe, Womenswear Product Coordinator, Amsterdam
ABN AMRO Bank, Expatriate Transfer Coordinator, Amsterdam

Internship experience
Friendship Ambassadors Foundation, Youth Assembly at the UN Logistics & Planning Intern, Greenwich

Current employment
University of Bridgeport, Graduate Assistant

Awards and/or major achievements
African Community Development Network, Inc., Member of Board of Trustees
Graduate Assistantship
Sigma Iota Rho

English, Korean, French, Dutch