Ann Lee, ND

Major: Naturopathic Medicine, Acupuncture

Class Year: ’10

“I had many learning opportunities to explore my strengths and weaknesses as a healthcare provider, and allowed me to create my successful practice.”

I chose UB because I spoke with people who went to the other naturopathic schools to ask their opinions of the University of Bridgeport in comparison. A lot of what I heard is that the UB faculty are more open-minded with traditional naturopathic medicine. I wanted to learn how to think about all the factors that are involved in health, and how to put all the pieces together. I also wanted to be able to do a dual program in naturopathic medicine and acupuncture, and was able to finish both programs in good timing because they are structured well together.

Since my strengths are in chemistry and physics, I had to grow by learning human anatomy and physiology from the beginning, which gave me the basic foundation for my clinical experience. Outside of the classroom and in clinic, I’ve had to develop more of my personal and communication skills. The doctor-patient relationship is a very sacred relationship. You have a lot of responsibility.

The program is challenging in that it is a lot of work, but it is special because you get to interact with patients and make a difference in their lives, and even in their family dynamics, so they can live more healthful lives and end up doing what they are meant to do in life. Through my UB clinical experience, I was given many learning opportunities to explore my strengths and weaknesses as a healthcare provider, which has allowed me to create the successful thriving practice that I have now in Lancaster, PA.

Allison Deigel

“The IDEAL program allowed me to flourish in academics while working around my schedule.”

Major: B.S. Social Science Concentration – IDEAL Program
Class Year: ’09

The IDEAL Program at UB equipped me with the tools for success. I was able to gain a well rounded education from my professors teaching me knowledge that will help me gain a career; while my peers taught me life skills from their every day experiences.

The IDEAL program allowed me to flourish in academics while working around my schedule.

Cura Zhuang

Chief Reporter

United Nations Internship

As a GLDP student I had great internship experiences in the United States. I did my first internship at the United Nations Youth Assembly, which draws together 700 college-age young people from all over the world to discuss global issues. It was really a fabulous experience.

I was in charge of the media services at the Assembly and I took pride in being part of this experience. Working at the UN Headquarters in New York City, I was able to witness how that institution affects our lives.

 Global Business Experience

The other experience I had in the US was at Innovation Management Advisors, whose founder is Mr. Mark Wilterding, a member of the College of Public and International Affairs. Advisory Board and former Vice President of IBM Business Services East Asia. I touched on global business issues and studied many real cases during my internship to establish an international consultant network.  I cannot express how exciting it was when I had the chance to participate in a real world business campaign.

Success After Graduation

Since my graduation, I am working as the chief reporter for the International TV Channel of Shanghai (ICS) at Shanghai Media Group. ICS is one of the only two English-speaking TV channels in Shanghai. When I am reporting on international issues, I always remember my life at UB College of Public and International Affairs. My internship experiences were absolutely a great help in my growth.