Jose Cabrera ’15, B.A. in English

B.A. in English
School of Arts and Sciences

“The English Department at UB is amazing. Each professor has their specialty and they know how to teach it.”

When I came to UB as a freshman, I had no idea what I wanted to do or who I wanted to be. It was very troubling, especially because I had this urgency in myself to find out the answer to those questions as soon as possible.

The only thing I did know was that I wanted to do something that I loved. Fortunately, I went to UB. During my first semester I spoke to the staff at Career Services who really helped me see what I wanted to do and how I could get there. Also, since it was my first semester and I had not declared a major yet, I was taking various classes.

One class that was pivotal to the path that I decided to take was “Madness in Literature” with Professor Diane Krumrey. I enjoyed the class more than any of my others, and Professor Krumrey was there to help me with whatever was needed. We spoke about the English Major and, after looking up more information with the help of Career Services, I declared it my major. Afterwards, I took a creative writing class and saw that I was interested in that too, so I decided to do a dual concentration in Literature and Creative Writing.

I am very happy with my decisions. I like who I became. I came to UB a shy, nervous kid who didn’t know who I wanted to be, but graduated as a young adult who knew the answers to the questions my freshman self had and more. I was able in my undergraduate career to study in South Korea, take many language classes that I loved, like American Sign Language and Japanese, and get real-world experience by being the Editor of Groundswell, UB’s literary magazine.

The English Department at UB is amazing. Each professor has their specialty and they know how to teach it, so you are as interested in it as they are. I know that without all of them I would not have gotten as far as I did. They were all always there to talk to and help me out, and they helped me get to where I am today.