Susan Mendillo, General Studies, Social Science Concentration


“UB has been an amazing experience for me.”

An Amazing Experience

UB IDEAL has been such an amazing experience for me. It allowed me to earn my degree in a short amount of time, while still managing time for my work and daughter. I tell everyone I know how great the IDEAL program at UB is, and how well the program worked for me.

Great People

I have met some of the greatest people at the university. The counselors, professors, staff members, and the students all have been wonderful and inspiring.

Guided Success

The counselors are always looking to guide you towards success. The professors are always there to help the students with their needs. The staff is always pleasant and courteous. The students are friendly and caring.

Pushing the Limits

UB IDEAL made it possible for me to raise my level of education making a better life for me and my family.

UB IDEAL has changed my life by making me more confident at what I can accomplish. It has shown me that I can push the limits and succeed in whatever I wanted to achieve.


What really made me decide to start the IDEAL program at UB was that the accelerated program that was offered. A five week course one day a week was the ideal plan. Knowing that I can get my degree in a year and a half was the “aha” factor for me.

I would highly recommend the IDEAL program to anybody. It truly is a really great curriculum. With proper dedication everyone can get a degree in a short amount of time.